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During the first 1000 years of the Christian Church there were many Christian saints who loved animals. They lived with them, rescued them, nursed them and saved them from hunters. In turn, many saints were helped by animals.  Also during this time, a great number of saints were vegetarian. Many abstained from meat to grow closer to God. 

Welcome to Animal Apologetics! What is God saying to the world today?  To his Church? This website provides valuable resources to help Christians understand God's movement in the world today in regard to his animals and diet--topics often ignored in Christianity today. Our goal is to introduce Christians to the topic of animal theology, Biblical Vegetarianism* (found in Genesis 1:29, Daniel 1:12) and the Biblical Peaceable Kingdom. Learn more about the Peaceable Kingdom here: Watch Video.


Is the Bible pro-animal or is it anti-animal?  By virtue of our creation in the image of God, we humans are uniquely special in comparison to all of creation, but that does not mean the rest of creation has no value to God or that he doesn’t enjoy it....Read More.

*Animal apologetics is a term I use to describe the Christian defense of God's animals in a world where animals are oppressed, abused and exploited by Christians.  An animal apologist is a Christian who speaks out, defends and protects God's animals. ~John L. Banda

*Biblical Vegetarian is a term that describes a person who participates in the diet prescribed by God in Genesis 1:29. It is the diet given to mankind before sin entered the world. Some Christians identify with the term "vegan," which is acceptable as long as the reason for being vegan is Biblical.

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Why Christians Should Care About Animals

Dr Margaret Adam, theologian, ethicist and visiting tutor at St Stephen’s House, Oxford argues that Christians should care about animals because of who and how they are called to be.

How Should Christians View Animals?

David L. Clough is Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester. He recently completed a landmark two-volume theological project "On Animals": Volume I: Systematic Theology, and Volume II: Theological Ethics. Throughout June, Professor Clough is speaking in a number of venues in Australia and New Zealand.


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A Message for"Christian Vegans."

"Animal apologetics" is a term I use to describe the Christian defense of God's animals in a world where animals are oppressed, abused and exploited by Christians. When discussing this topic with other Christians it's important that we use Biblical language, and not secular language.....


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