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During the first 1000 years of the Christian Church there were many Christian saints who loved animals. They lived with them, rescued them, nursed them and saved them from hunters. In turn, many saints were helped by animals.  Also during this time, a great number of saints were vegetarian. Many abstained from meat to grow closer to God. By the 11th century*, Christian theologians began to ignore God's creation (the animals and the earth). Their theology became more human-centered (anthropocentric), meaning that their theology became more about human beings and unfortunately less about the rest of creation. Sadly, this theology has dominated Western Christianity since then. Animal theology is a new and growing field in Christianity  that explores God's love and consideration of animals,  and brings back much of what was lost by humanocentric theology. 

*According to one of the church’s foremost theologians of the 20th and 21st centuries, Elizabeth A. Johnson. See her book "Creation and The Cross."

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Christian Animal Ethics

On February 1, 2019, David Clough spoke about his landmark two-volume monograph "On Animals" (2012, 2018), on the place of animals in Christian theology and ethics. David Clough is Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester and has just finished a term as President of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics.

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Read Pope Francis' encyclical on care for the earth and creation. Download the free Audible app on your phone to listen to a free audio of this book. Click on the Laudato Si book image to read Laudato Si online or to download a PDF.

How Should Christians View Animals?

David L. Clough is Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester. He recently completed a landmark two-volume theological project "On Animals": Volume I: Systematic Theology, and Volume II: Theological Ethics. Throughout June, Professor Clough is speaking in a number of venues in Australia and New Zealand.


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