amoris discipuli

Be attuned to the Father's will.

Be aware of Christ's presence.

Be open to the Holy Spirit.

Remain connected to the Sacred.

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What is amoris discipuli?

Amoris Discipuli is Latin for "disciples of love." Amoris Discipuli represents a Christian spirituality which fosters respect and love for ALL of God's creation-humans, animals and the earth. It is a deeper way to follow and love Jesus. It is a spirituality marked by love for God, love for neighbor and a true love for God's animals. We honor Christians such as St. Francis, St. Martin de Porres, St. Philip Neri and others who lived this deeper form of spirituality. We believe they were messengers of the will of God, for all people. We encourage everyone to study their saintly lives in order to follow their loving example, which gives glory to Christ.

Devotion To The Purity of Jesus (Purity Prayers)

Our Mission Is LOVE


To Seek God's Kingdom

To Defend The Vulnerable

To Serve The Church

To Participate In Fellowship

To Care for God's Creation

To Care For Our Body

To Value All Life

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amoris discipuli

Love God with All your Heart.

Seek God's Holiness.

Trust in His Goodness.

See Others with Love.

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The Seven Pillars 

1. Birth of Christ (New Life) 

2. Ministry of Christ (Doing Good) 

3. Obedience of Christ (Love for Father)

4. Mind of Christ (Wisdom)

5. Humility of Christ (Littleness)

6. Love of Christ (Sacrifice)

7. Mercy of Christ (Forgiveness)

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amoris discipuli

See God's Providence.

Rest in His Peace.

Live in the Kingdom.

Allow God to Heal you.

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You Are Invited

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We abstain from meat, dairy and all animal products principally to grow in holiness, to control our passions and to enjoy a deeper union with Christ. Secondly, eating a whole food plant based diet helps us to maintain a healthy body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Thirdly, our diet preserves the lives of God's animals, who give glory and praise to God by their mere existence.


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amoris discipuli

Fight the Good Fight.

Resist Evil and Temptation.

Give in to God's Holiness.

Rely on God's Grace.

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Our Daily Prayer 

Birth of Christ fill me with new life. Ministry of Christ move me to do good to others. Obedience of Christ inspire me to love the Father. Mind of Christ teach me your wisdom. Humility of Christ help me to see my littleness. Love of Christ show me how to sacrifice for others. Mercy of Christ encourage me to forgive others when they commit a wrong against me. Amen.

Disciples of Love

Daily Mission:

1. To Know and Love Jesus Christ

2. To Value All People

3. To Live a Life of Purity

4. To Serve and Help Others

5. To Live a Life of Gratitude

6. To Live A Humble Life

7. To Forgive Others

8. To Trust in God

9. To Pray Daily

10. To Overcome Evil

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Read Pope Francis' encyclical on care for the earth and creation. Download the free Audible app on your phone to listen to a free audio of this book. Click on the Laudato Si book image to read Laudato Si online or to download a PDF.

Amoris Discipuli Vows

1. Vow of Purity 

2. Vow of Work

3. Vow of Diet

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