Are You Theocentric?

Christians who approach the Bible anthropocentrically have humans as the central interest and ultimate concern. They will reject everything in the Bible that is not in the best interest of a human being (i.e. slavery, polygamy, racism, genocide etc). Anthropocentricism ignores the best interest of the rest of creation (the animals and the earth). Christians who care about God's animals will approach the Bible theocentrically. They have God as the central interest and ultimate concern. These Christians will reject everything in Scripture that does not favor a human or an animal's highest interest. Theocentric Christians value humans, animals and the earth because they believe God is love and that God values all of His creation. So, are you a theocentric Christian? Do you believe that God loves ALL His creatures? Do you consider the best interest of God's other creatures when you read Scripture? Do you believe that God wants you to care for His animals and His earth? 

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