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Reflections for Christian Animal Advocates

Is Eating Meat a Sin?

By John L. Banda

In my Church they teach us that if something is harmful to you or to others we must avoid it. They also teach us that if something can lead us to sin we must avoid it. Click Here To Read More

Can We Achieve Chastity Through Diet?

By John L. Banda

Can food help us to grow in virtue and bring us closer to God? Can eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods help us to overcome lust? Can this be validated by science? Click Here To Read More

Is God at The Center of Your Life?

By John L. Banda

Christians who care about God's animals approach the Bible theocentrically. They have God as the central interest and ultimate concern. Click Here To Read More

Love: A Spiritual Challenge

By Kathy Dunn

Who are your enemies? For those of us who love animals, perhaps the factory farmer or the Christians who's hearts are so callously hard towards the animal kingdom. Click Here To Read More

A Return To Eden

By John L. Banda

What does it mean to return to Eden? It means that as a Christian I have returned to the fullness of God's presence and God's original plan for creation. Click Here To Read More