God is Love


The God of Love

For some reason many Christians today think that God's love is only for human beings, as if God's love had some limitation. Some can't fathom the thought that God also cares for the other members of His creation-the earth, the animals, the angels and the universe(s). Remember that God declared what He created "GOOD." And anything GOOD needs to be cared for. It makes sense that God loves His animals too, meaning that He desires their highest good. The Gospel reveals that our Heavenly Father feeds and cares for the birds. We must feed and care for the animals too, and not feed on them. Part of loving animals means being kind to them, and not hurting them. It means helping them in their need and it means going out of our way to do the right and good thing for them. This is love. God has been good to us, and we have a responsibility to be good to the rest of creation. Seeing animals as food is a primitive and harmful view which we must put behind us. It is not consistent with the love God has shown us through Jesus, who sacrificed His life to save not only humans, but all His creation.

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