Is Eating Meat a Sin?

When I returned to my childhood faith back in 1999, I began to educate myself on my Christian faith. There was so much to learn. I went to seminars, took courses, read books, learned from pastors etc. I learned from theologians that to see a good that can be done and to not do it, this is a sin. This is called a sin of omission. I also learned from Christian theologians that to go against God's love is, yes a sin. A man who cheats on his wife is going against the love of his wife, the love he has for his wife and the love that God has for them both. Cheating goes against God's love. If I see that I can do a good to an animal because animals come from God. God loves His animals. God made them good and they give God glory just by their existence alone, who am I to not do that good? Who am I to rob God of that glory given to Him by His animals? Who am I to go against the good that God created, by supporting the killing of animals for meat? Who am I to go against God's love? Killing animals for meat is very unnecessary in most parts of the world today. We will not die if we do not eat meat. Bringing harm to an animal when we don't need to looks like a sin to me.  I cannot lie to myself. Sin is sin. This is what I learned in my Christian faith.

 A fellow Christian at work said to me, "eating meat is not a sin." I interrupted and proceeded to explain to him that, "eating meat awakens lust in the human body. It arouses a disordered desires for pleasure. Eating meat can make one more prone to anger. It can make a person more aggressive. Eating meat opens the door to gluttony, and other sins. Eating meat harms God's animals needlessly. Eating meat is not a need but a want. Eating meat is addictive and causes disease in millions of humans each year, shortening their life span and lowering the quality of their life due to poor health. Eating meat also pollutes the environment, yes it hurts the earth thus hurting human beings. The meat industry and factory farming hurts the poor and hungry people of this world. The desire for meat, the appetite for animal flesh, causes a lot of sin. The only times it would be okay to eat meat is if you are stranded on an island and needed to survive or if  you are in some other situation where eating meat is the only option." He tried to use Scripture to prove me wrong, totally ignoring what I had just said. It's incredible to me that people will totally ignore the harmful effects of eating meat. All they see is their pleasure for animal parts and flesh. Where is the virtue? In my Church they teach us that if something is harmful to you or to others, we must avoid it. They also teach us that if something can lead us to sin we must avoid that too. We call this an occasion of sin.

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