The Fragrance of Christ


Devotion To The Purity of Jesus 1

(Pray in the morning, at noon and in the evening)

Lord Jesus, you are my Purity. You are my EVERYTHING. Your Purity gives me rest O Lord. Your Purity gives me peace. Your Purity saves me Lord. Your Purity rescues me. Lord, your Purity raises me above the temptations of the world. Your lavish Purity conquers the twisted desires of my flesh. Your Purity blesses me Lord. Your Purity blesses my body, my mind, my heart. Your Purity makes me fruitful. It fills me with your abundant love and happiness. Lord Jesus, your Purity helps me to see your truth, your goodness and your beauty. Your Purity helps me to do what is right. Jesus, your Purity lightens my burdens. Your Purity helps me to rise above the lures of the world. Jesus, your lavish Purity renews my soul and elevates my thoughts. Father, you are pleased with my desire for the Purity of Jesus and you reward me abundantly because I seek the Purity of Jesus daily. Amen.

Devotion To The Purity of Jesus 2

Jesus, your Purity delivers me from evil. Your Purity makes me HOLY. Lord, your Purity brings me closer to the Father's heart. Jesus, your Purity opens my heart, my body and my mind to the love of the Holy SPIRIT. Jesus your Purity sets me free and heals me of all my impurities. Your Purity brings me happiness Lord. Your Purity protects me. Lord, your Purity sanctifies me. When temptation comes I will fight for your Purity Lord. By seeking your Purity first I am seeking your Kingdom first, and “all good things shall be added unto me.” Amen.

Devotion To The Purity of Jesus 3

Jesus, you are my Purity. Your Purity restores my soul. It gives me new life. Your Divine Purity renews my mind, my heart and my body. Your Purity brings me into your Holy Presence and your PRESENCE makes me feel loved. Jesus, your Purity helps me to do the impossible. Your Purity opens my mind to the true, the good and the beautiful. Your Purity sets me free from shackles of sin. My body, my heart and my mind experience freedom from the bondage of the world, the flesh and the devil, thanks to your faithful Purity. Jesus, I am thankful for my new Purity in you. I am blessed with your Purity Lord Jesus. Your Purity is enough O Lord. Your Purity sets me on the right path. I am eternally yours my God, most Blessed Trinity, in the Purity of Jesus. Amen.

Purity Affirmations 1

God is the source of all my Purity. I unite with the Purity of Jesus today. I am committed to the Purity of Jesus. I make it priority in the morning, all day and at night. The Purity of Jesus fulfills me and makes me happy. The Purity of Jesus elevates my mind, my heart and my body. The Purity of Jesus purifies my heart and mind. The Purity of Jesus gives me peace and patience. The Purity of Jesus allows my faith and humility to grow. The Purity of Jesus clears my mind and opens it to more of his wisdom. I am profoundly grateful for the Purity of Jesus today. I embrace the Purity of Jesus. I enjoy the Purity of Jesus. I am faithful to the Purity of Jesus.  Amen.  

Purity Affirmations 2

I receive God’s abundant Purity every day and in every way. I especially receive and give thanks for God’s lavish Purity today. Your Purity Lord is upon me. I am anointed to do your will. I will not be afraid my Lord. Your Purity reigns in me. I belong to my Father in Heaven, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit. Jesus shares his Divine Purity with me and I receive it joyfully. The Purity of Jesus keeps my mind clear and strong. The Purity of Jesus protects me from the world, the flesh and the devil. The Purity of Jesus rules and guides my mind, my heart and my body. The Purity of Jesus reigns in me. Amen.

Purity Affirmations 3

The Purity of Jesus changes everything. His Purity increases my hope, my faith and my love for my Heavenly Father. The Purity of Jesus brings me from death unto life. The Purity of Jesus saves me from the darkness and confusion of sin. The Purity of Jesus helps me to SEE the truth and to avoid the lies. The Purity of Jesus helps me to get up after a fall and strengthens my desire to do good. The Purity of Jesus makes me abundantly happy. I am devoted to the Purity of Jesus all the days of my life. Amen.

Devotion to the Providence of Jesus

Your Providence gives me peace O Lord. Your Providence gives me joy. Your Providence saves me. Your Providence rescues me from the anxieties of the world. Jesus, your Providence gives me rest and relief from all my cares. Your Providence blesses me with faith and gratitude. Your Providence fills me with your abundant grace. Jesus, because of your Providence I experience the abundance, the prosperity and the loving care of our Heavenly Father. Your Providence is more than I could ever desire or imagine. Jesus, I can do all things by your Divine Providence. Amen.

Jesus, I Will Not Be Moved

The Lord is my help, I will not be moved. The Lord, is my strength, I will not be moved.

The Lord is my hope, I will not be moved. The Lord provides for His creatures, I will not be moved. The Lord loves His creatures, I will not be moved. The Lord blesses His creatures, I will not be moved. Lord, I am your warrior, I will not be moved. Lord, I will enter your Glory I will not be moved. Amen.

Prayer for Healthy Eating

God Almighty, help me to eat in a way that helps my body. I want to make healthy choices but I need your grace. I can't do this without you. Give me the grace to make healthy choices. Jesus, I need You. Jesus, I trust You. Amen.

The Mercy of God

O Lord, from this moment forward I will seek to humble myself completelyand search for You more diligently. For You, Lord Jesus, treat me with far greater mercy than I deserve, indeed far above what I dare to ask or even hope for. Blessed are You, O Lord, in all your works, for even though I am unworthy of any good from You, You continually offer me Your kindness and Your mercy, which you extend even to those who are ungrateful or who have turned away from You. Dear Lord, please restore me to Your merciful love so that I may become grateful, humble, and devoted to You. For You are my help, my salvation, and the strength of my body and soul. ~Favorite Prayers from the Imitation of Christ

The Fragrance of Christ

Help me to spread your fragrance everywhere I go - let me preach you without preaching, not by words but by my example - by the catching force, the sympathetic influence of what I do, the evident fullness of the love my heart bears to you. - John Henry Newman

Dear God

Dear God, please reveal to us your sublime beauty that is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, so that we will never again feel frightened. My divine love, my love, please let us touch your face. ~St. Francis Assisi

I See Your Face

When I feel the sunshine, I experience God’s warmth. When I feel the cool breeze, I experience God’s presence. When I behold a garden, I witness God’s beauty. When I see God’s animals, I see God’s vulnerable face. Lord, may today I feel your warmth, experience your presence, witness Your beauty and help your vulnerable creatures. Amen.

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