Help God's Animals

Get involved! Help God's animals. Adopt a pet at your local shelters (animal control, SPCA, etc.) Participate in a TNR program to help your neighborhood strays. Give support to your local animal shelters. They are always in need of financial help and volunteers. Save the whales, the elephants, tigers or help animal sanctuaries. There are so many ways to help God's animals. Click on the following link to learn more ways to get involved. The following link is for informational purposes only.

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A Call to Action

If you have considered improving your eating habits, we recommend that you go to God in prayer first. Ask for His grace. Be honest with God. Cry out to Him. Tell him how addicted you are to meat and cheese. Express to Him that you want to make healthy choices and that you need His help. We simply can't do anything without God's grace. Be assured that God wants to help you. He wants you to be healthy and to practice more self-control in regards to your diet. He will help you don't worry. God wants to help you. Believe Him.

Five benefits of switching to a whole food plant-based diet are: 1) You can grow in virtue-virtues such as self-control, chastity, wisdom and peace 2) Your health will improve 3) You will do so much good to God's defenseless animals who are in great need of our help 4) You will help protect the planet and the resources it provides for us 5) You will help other human beings- those involved in factory farming, the poor in the world and the people you will inspire with your new healthy choices. We recommend that you unite your diet to Jesus and to keep your eating prayerful. His grace must lead you.

If you are ready to begin a plant-based diet but are in need of guidance or help we recommend that you watch the Dr. John Mcdougall videos on our Health page. Or you can visit Dr. Mcdougall's website at: where you will find everything you need to begin a healthy diet. Dr. John Mcdougall provides videos, research, recipes, nutrition information, everything but the food on his website. Everything is free.  Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Joel Furhman, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dietician Brenda Davis are great to learn from too. If you are in need of a mentor click on the link below.  Vegan Outreach is a great organization, very Christian-friendly. They have helped many Christians make the switch to a plant-based diet. They offer a great mentor program. And it's free.

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