Our Team

Kathy Dunn


Kathy loves animals and all things created by our Awesome Creator! And loves to write about the connection of scripture, theology, the earth, and non-human animals. She hopes to bridge the gap between people of faith and animal theology along with bridging the gap between faith and those in the world fighting for justice for God's non-human animals and the earth.

Jessica Lopez

Prayer Warrior

By His redemptive grace, God revealed my purpose: to accurately reflect His love to the unbelieving world, to call Christians back to our purpose, and to share truth that will liberate both people and animals. Feeling called to devote my life to this mission, I pray for God’s guidance in my next steps toward ministry. In the meantime, I’m pursuing education and rescuing animals in Panama City Beach, Florida, where I hope to reduce the homeless population through community awareness.

John L. Banda


John enjoys reading animal theology books and keeping a holy diet to remain in a closer union with Christ. He is a spiritual writer by heart and uses this gift to encourage Christians and to bring awareness to the exploitation of God's animals. "I like writing for the animals. I think the right message at the right time will speak volumes to those whom the Lord has prepared." John is a conservative Christian who follows Jesus through the spirituality of St. Martin de Porres. He also enjoys praying arrow prayers and has written a series of prayer books. FMI go to fieldprayers.com