Holy Scripture


The Use and Misuse of Scripture

One thing I have learned since my return to Eden is that Scripture can be used to defend and to help God's animals or it can be used to oppress and to hurt God's animals. Unfortunately for the animals the great majority of Christians are content with using Scripture to continue the oppression and discrimination against animals. The vast majority of Christians have been conditioned to believe that it's okay to treat animals as property and to do whatever we want with them (hunt them, kill them, eat them, profit from them, abuse them, experiment with them etc). At one point in history Christians were conditioned to believe that it was okay to own slaves. Slaves were seen as property and this often led to the horrible mistreatment of slaves. Thanks be to God for Christians who were able to examine Scripture more deeply and moved toward abolishing slavery. On principle alone they were able to do this. If we would apply this principle of Christian love to God's suffering animals we would move toward doing good to all of God's animals. They are groaning for God's help. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with God to help His innocent animals? We can end their suffering, exploitation and oppression. When animals are exploited and abused they are removed from the glory they are meant to give to God.

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