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Welcome to Return To Eden!

I'm glad you are here. I built this website for Christians and non-Christians who wish to learn more about how to best serve our neighbor, how to care for the earth and God's animals. Very briefly, I will go over some of our website features so that you can get the most from your visit here. If you are not familiar with animal theology this website will serve you well. We will introduce you to animal theology so that you can begin to prepare yourself to speak to other Christians about the importance of viewing animals the way God views them. We will get you up and running. How far you go with it will be entirely up to you.

I will now go over the resources our website provides for those who wish to help God's animals, in a Christian way. No more having to borrow from PETA or the strategies of secular veganism (not all their methods are negative of course). We Christians have a rich, long-standing tradition of love and appreciation for God's creation/creatures. We need only to explore it more fully so that we can share it better with other believers. Let's get started.

First, we recommend that you watch all the presentations on the Videos page. Some presentations are over an hour long, while others are only two or three minutes long. Watching all the videos on our Videos page is the equivalent to reading one good book about animal theology. Take your time, don't rush. You can watch one per week, one per day or several in one day, depending on your schedule. Take notes. When a particular insight resonates with you, write it down and later reflect more deeply on it. I'm behind the wheel quite a bit and so I was able to listen to the YouTube videos of these presentations on my phone (which is connected to my vehicle stereo, with Bluetooth). This works for me, but I encourage you to do what works best for you. I've watched some of these video presentations more than once and plan to re-watch them in the near future, as needed.

After you watch or listen to all the videos on our Videos page you can take it to the next level if you'd like. Go to our Books page where I list our book recommendations. Pick up one or two titles and begin reading them. Study them. Learn the material well, especially in those areas  where you've been challenged the most. I have read many of these books, and am reading two more at this time. I own a Kindle tablet which is great because the Kindle will read the eBook to me while I'm driving (again, connected to my car speakers via my Bluetooth). I've read several this way. I also use Audible for audio books, but there are only a few audio books available about animal theology. They do however offer some good audio books about animals in general. I also read paperbacks or hardcovers. If you are looking for a good deal I recommend that you buy used copies on Amazon or at other online bookstores. Animal theology books can be pricey, and not all are available in eBook format. Let's move on to the next resource we offer on our website.

Memes are a great way to spread the message of kindness to God's animals, and a great way to spread the message of a healthy diet, prescribed by God. Our memes are Christian-based, not based on secular veganism. I think it's important that when we speak out for God's animals that we remain aligned to the principles of Christian love. We want to bring people over to our side but through the Spirit of love.  I have created many memes and will add more on a weekly or monthly basis. On our memes, I include quotes by animal theologians, quotes by Christian spiritual writers, Scripture verses, short prayers and inspirations of my own.  I have created an Animal Apologetics group on Facebook and a Return To Eden page on Twitter (@AnimalApologist). You are invited to join this group or our Twitter page so that you can share our memes.

Our Health page features talks by some of the best plant-based doctors around. There are a lot of self-proclaimed "vegan" experts who aren't providing the best nutritional and diet information; and there are a lot of doctors who are part of a system that isn't interested in our health, but more interested in big profits. Watch our health videos. They are very informative, and more importantly they present the truth about healthy eating and nutrition, backed by research and science.

Finally, on our Resources page you will find other websites about Christians who are helping God's animals, book reviews and pertinent articles.

I encourage you to learn from the diverse theologians featured on our website (in our videos and book recommendations). Some are Protestant, some are Catholic and some are Jewish. Even if you don't agree with everything they say or how they present animal theology it can still be beneficial to be familiar with their material. If you should find yourself in a discussion with a Catholic, a Protestant, an Evangelical or a Jew you will be well equipped to make your case for God's animals in their own language so to speak. We are doing this work for God and His animals; I think we can come together in that love which the Holy Spirit has given us to help the animals and ultimately our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need of liberation, even more so than the animals.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you find it helpful. I will add new content from time to time so be sure to come back. Be sure to check out my story before you leave. Place the cursor on the Home link above and you'll find it in the drop down menu. I look forward to growing with you. Don't hesitate to share any interesting articles, books or websites about animal theology with us. Contact us or send email to [email protected]

In the service of Jesus,

John L. Banda & Team 

Return To Eden

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